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For truck drivers - pickups

I'm picking up a load of grain. What do I do?

First, you need to get your paperwork from the Grain Office. Pick-up papers will only be issued up to 4pm, Monday to Friday. You will need to know who you are picking the grain up for, how much you are picking up and where you are delivering the grain to. This information should be given to you by your dispatcher. Sometimes your dispatcher will give this information directly to the Grain Office and they will have the paperwork ready for you.
If you are picking the grain up after hours (after 5pm Mon-Fri and weekends) our security personnel will have your paperwork. You can phone the security officer to let you in our gates and get your paperwork. You will need the load number (T-number) to pick up your papers. This number will be provided by the Grain Office and given to you or your dispatcher. The security cell phone number will be provided by request only.

For truck drivers - deliveries

I'm delivering a load of grain.

At this time, only wood pellets can be received 24/7. All other deliveries must be during office hours (8-5 Mon-Fri) Please contact the Grain Office to schedule any deliveries of grain. In most cases, you must be on site before 4pm to be assisted in unloading.